Decorative coatings are widely applied in daily life (e.g. indoor & outdoor decoration, electric appliance casing, elevator wall and etc.). The coatings are used in product designs and architectural designs to simply value up appearance and environmental comfort.

  Against common applied powder painting or lacquering PVD coatings have several advantages. PVD coatings make it possible to keep the metallic gloss while applying a variety of different colors. Thus PVD coated layer stacks are very thin in contrast to paintings and lacquering the usage of raw coating material is much less.

  A special feature of PVD coatings is that the coatings are produced without any liquid chemicals such as dye solutions or electrolytes. The coating material is directly converted into a vapor phase in high vacuum before getting deposited onto the substrate. Thus PVD coating is a green technology.

  With our newest PVD coating technology we provide large area decorative coatings on stainless steel strips.

  We are providing a variety of different colors. All of our colors have a metallic look. Our flexibility in color design allow our customers to impress with individual designs having a high-value appearance. We furthermore provide decorative coatings which have excellent environmental stability.